Are you practicing safe sec?

With cyber attacks on the rise, it’s critical to your patients and your business that you recognize the security threats facing the healthcare industry and have a plan in place to prevent them.

The Medical Device Security 101 Conference, hosted by the University of Michigan’s Archimedes Center for Medical Device Security, is a 2-day educational workshop taking place in Lake Buena Vista, Florida from January 15-17, 2017 for medical device manufacturers, industry regulators, and healthcare providers to learn and speak frankly about medical device security threats and solutions.

Register today for direct access to leading security experts who will teach you how to identify, prevent, and recover from cybersecurity attacks so that you, your clients, and your patients can rest secure.

Why attend?

Our events do not focus on the latest industry buzz or trendy new product development. We want you to feel comfortable speaking freely about your cybersecurity issues with trusted and respected professionals who can help you establish best practices for improving medical device security in your products and organizations. At Archimedes, we provide a forum for you to learn about emerging issues pertaining to cybersecurity and then we arm you with the knowledge to better protect both your clients and patients.

Attendees from our previous conferences have included:

  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Directors of Product Engineering
  • System Engineers
  • VPs of Global Product Security
  • IT Security Managers
  • Physicians
  • Chairs of medical device security standards bodies
  • Security researchers
  • Front-line engineers from clinical facilities

"Sitting in a room full of the brightest minds in medicine and security made me wonder if this is what it was like planning the first Space Shuttle launch."

Mike Ahmadi, Director of Critical Systems Security - Software Integrity Group at Synopsys Inc

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